Friday, October 14, 2005

Poker night

Took third in my home game last night. $30 buy-in, 8 players.
Motuy won the thing in his first time playing at my pad. AaronM bullied his way to second place, after rallying back from some very questionable plays early on. Motuy played solid tight aggressive poker all night long. I played alot tighter than usual. Mainly due to being mostly card dead, and adjusting to AaronM's unpredictable play. I was able to double up with Cowboys when Thumbs overplayed his QJ preflop. From there I skated to the money when the two maniacs, AaronM and Luke, took turns tangling with each other and trading chips. Eventually Luke's constant bluffing attempts got the best of him when he made a ridiculous all-in call with Queen high. Then Thumbs self-destructed on the bubble, leaving me in the money.

Overall, I only made two bad plays last night. One was not going all-in as a shortstack with A8, which would've tripled me up. And the other was the last hand I played: I pushed all-in shortstacked on the small blind with Ten8 of clubs, instantly got called with KQ suited. Of course I didn't improve while Motuy caught a K on the flop to seal my fate.

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