Monday, October 24, 2005

Fun with Guns

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Happy 30th to me.
And to celebrate, Destroy some shit!
Here's a pic of me blasting a rabbit (clay) to shit! BTW, I nailed 6 out of 6 at this station.

Karl organized an awesome time doing my new favorite hobby. Sporting clay shooting!
Me, my brother, Luke, Rob, Utz, Karl, and Sean took our turns blowing away clay after clay at Coyote Clays in Morgan Hill.
For $50 a piece, we got the "experience" package: an instructor
50 rounds of shotgun shells, 50 clays, ear and eye protection and golf cart rental, as well as shotgun rental.

We shot clays in a variety of configurations, down to up, left to right, up to down, right to left, launched from a tower, lanched on the ground and a combo of either or.
I ended up winning the round completing 37 out of 50 clays.

So now I have to figure out how I'm going to acquire a shotgun of my own. All I need is $4000 for a Browning 525 field shotgun.

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