Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Who's addicted to Nip/Tuck ?

I know it's totally a guilty pleasure. But this show is so freaking entertaining, I can't resist. Most of the story lines are totally absurd, the "family" is completely dysfunctional, the characters are over-the-top, the son looks as old as the dad (and looks like a scarier version of Michael Jackson), and there is an overload of gratuitous T&A and a whole bunch of disgusting graphic surgical procedural reenactments.
It's a twisted look at the life of two plastic surgeons who have everything going right and wrong at the same time. And it's very addictive.

I have to say, F/X is making strides in the forward progress of TV programming. While the networks are pushing shit/crap like Seventh Heaven, Everwood, Three Tree Hill and various other garbage, there is hope for people who like their television filled with grit, violence, sex, drugs, and nudity.

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