Thursday, May 26, 2005

Won one

Dylan's weekly tourney. $50 buy-in, 10 players.

Whew, is all I can say on this one. I made it to the final two and we decided to split the winnings.

poker gibberish
It was a very close call for me on several occasions. Actually, I should've been the first one out but delivered a horrible beat to the guy on my right. I went all in short-stacked holding Ace-Ten. He called immediately and flipped Cowboys. DOH! I got up, ready to go home a poor loser. But then a miracle river card. ACE!
It kinda sucks doubling up like that but screw it, right?
Later, I doubled up again with I made trip tens on the river after my opponent made top pair on the turn.
The turning point came when the blinds were 300-600:
I started raising a lot of hands, probably 3 out of 4 hands. Since they were all good players, and played really tight for the most part, I was sure I could steal a ton of blinds. At this point we were basically on the bubble and everyone wanted to get in the money. Here, aggression is key. Eventually the blinds ate my opponent's stacks to the point where they had to go all-in. Luckily the cards started coming and I really put the heat on.

I felt I could've won this entire thing. But since at the end the stacks were pretty identical, we decided to chop.

I'll take it!

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