Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Sims

In an effort to curb my poker addiction, I've purchased a computer game.
The Sims is touted to be one of the best games ever made, so they say. OK, so it lacks a key ingredient to most games I like. Violence.
What the hell right? I need to kill some time with some kind of hobby. And since most of my poker buddies have pussed out of my weekly game, I need to find another THING to occupy my time while the woman is at class.
The first Sim I created is dead. Big Trouble died in a kitchen fire. His cooking skills were so poor that his attempt to make himself dinner ended tragically with his death.
His replacement, Izzy A. Loader has taken up the reigns and his well on his way to becoming a hardened criminal. He started as a pickpocket and has since moved up to the title of "bookie." My hope is for Izzy to become the Tony Montana of the Sim universe.

So far, The Sims has proven to be very addictive, despite it's lack of blood, guts, explosions, or anything else that usually makes for a good video game.

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