Monday, May 16, 2005

Backpacking in the Cache Creek

Went backpacking for an overnighter this weekend. We drove our asses all the way to Ukiah, pass Clear Lake to Cache Creek. We hiked along the Redbud trail hoping to make it the 7.5 miles to Wilson Valley. Much to our dismay, the river was much to engourged to cross and we were resigned to make camp a mere 3 miles from the trail head, at the Cache Creek river. As much as I would have liked to cross, it was rushing much to fast to make an attempt. I guarantee we would've been swept away by the current.
The scenery was mediocre. Especially since we gotten somewhat accustomed to the dynamic and intensely spectacular views of the Sierra Nevadas, rolling oaken hills have become so,... blah.

We spent the afternoon lounging around the camp. We lounged somemore before we lounged again. Then I took a nap.

The flys were relentless. I should make a note that as much as I love backpacking; I despise bugs; Flying insects with teeth in particular. Fuck them. They finally subsided at around twilight time. But of course, that's when the mosquitos came out for their feast of backpackers du jour.

The ticks were in effect too. They are probably the most disgusting critters I've experienced in the outdoors. I applied the DEET liberally to dissuade attacks from these little fuckers, but my dog Otis wasn't so lucky. I pulled at least 5 ticks from him last night. I expect to find more later. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about them.

Here's a pic of them:

At least the weater was nice. Warm all day,cool, and comfortable at night. I would've slept well if it wasn't for dreams of ticks crawling in my ears.
When I woke up I actually found a tick crawling on my hand. I promptly murdered it with a bic lighter.

Memorial day weekend. We're going camping. I intend to go somewhere where the ticks and poison oak are not. I'm resigned to the fact that mosquitos and flys are literally everywhere in the world, so I'll just have to endure. But the ticks,.... NEVER.

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