Tuesday, May 24, 2005

speeding ticket

I got a speeding ticket over the weekend.
Just what I need.
I was picking up my GF from a party in Berkeley and took a jello shot just before we left so it was a minor miracle that I didn't get a DUI. When he pulled me over, it was clear by the way he was sniffing the air in my car that he smelled alcohol.
"Have you had anything to drink?" He asked me.
"None." I lied instantly.
"I smell alcohol sir, are you sure you haven't had anything to drink?"
"It's her." I pointed to my GF sitting shotgun.
She shrugged embarassingly, "Sorry."

Luckily somehow he didn't notice that my license is expired because I have an outstanding speeding ticket from like 2 years ago.


Amy keeps thanking god that it wasn't worse. I say, it wasn't god. It was my amazing skills.

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