Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Adderall XR

A buddy of mine is a sales rep for Adderall XR.
Adderall is an amphetamine based ADD/ADHD medication. I suppose it works in a similar was as Ritalin. In other words, it is a stimulant which has an opposite effect on hyperactive kids.
There has been some controversy as to whether this drug is dangerous or not. Essentially it's a legalized speed. Obviously abuse is probably rampant with Adderall. To combat this, Shire Pharmacuticals, the makers of Adderall developed Adderall XR, which is basically a time-released version which cannot be crushed and snorted like the tablet form (Adderall).
So now, my friend isn't only schlanging this drug, but he is a user. Since being diagnosed with the increasingly common disorder, he has been able to give first hand recommendations of the drug.
Now I'm not sure that I have ADD though I definitley display the symptoms. I've been buggin him to give me a sample. Mainly because I feel it might give me an edge during my poker game.
He adamantly denied my requests because, "You don't need it dude, you don't have ADD."
My response is always, "If I don't need it neither do you! If it helps you concentrate and perform better, than it would help me too."..."Gimme some."
I argued my point that if he is prescribed it, and it makes him a better more productive employee, then it must be able to make me better too. So he brings in a survey. After "grading" it he says.
"According to this survey, Adderall would benefit you quite a bit."

Now I'm really wondering. What if I had this drug growing up? Would I have gotten better grades? That wouldn't be difficult to do. Would I have been a more accomplished student/photgraher/artist. Could I have done more with my life?

What if I were to try it now? Would I suddenly be able to dominate the poker tables. Would I instantly be a more motivated photographer? Would I be more successful? If it could help me, couldn't it help EVERYONE? What would a drug like this do to people who are already successful?

One co-worker compared this drug to steroids. It is essentially a performance enhancing drug. Some kids are allowed to take it and some aren't. Does this give the drugged kids an advantage? I'd say it does. Super-competitive parents might consider putting their kids on Adderall regardless of whether they need it or not. Then it begs the question: What is NEED?

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