Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Warehouse poker

Eager for some action last week, I sent Dylan an email, "My Thursday night poker game has evaporated, where's the action at?" He called me back about a $55 buy-in, with buy-ins. It was being held in this warehouse in Sunnyvale. He said the competition should be pretty soft. What the hell.
The warehouse was a screenprinting shop... 3 poker tables were set up. 27 players were in.

The format:
$55 buy-in, $30 unlimited rebuys for the first 5 levels, with one $20 add-on at the beginning of level 6. 20 minute levels, starting with 1500 in chips.

The game started rough for me, and my first rebuy came when everyone folded to me on the button. Big Blind calls. Flop comes J-8-8. BB checks, I go all in. Dumb move. He calls instantaneously and shows J-8. He flopped a full-boat. BASTARD.

Another rebuy later, we are down to the final add-on. $20 buys you 3000. This add-on is a no-brainer, so it is essentially a must have. 5 minutes into the "real" game (no-add-ons or rebuys) I go on a mad-rush. A string of good hands alloows me to eliminate 4 players in a row, and quickly we are consolidated to a final table. Patience gets me to the final four when a local pro named Pat offers a suggestion. "How about a chop?" The self proclaimed "chopologist" suggest a 4 way chop giving the chip leader (Dylan) $800, and the rest of us, (with even amount of chips) $320. We accept.

Part of me regrets not battling it out. Even though Dylan had a massive chip advantage, probably about 4 to 1 against us. I feel I had a chance to make a comeback. I spent $135 getting to this point so I guess clocking $320 walk-home isn't too bad.

Overall this operation seems like a pretty neat setup. They not only provide a relatively safe playing environment, plenty of chips, tournament direction, tables and chairs, but they actually sell custom poker tables, rent poker equipment, and apparently custom print t-shirts as well.

They also hold a Sit 'n Go Saturday all-day poker day. Hopefully they'll get that going again so I can get in on some more action.

P.S. Thank you Jebus for allowing the losing streak to end.

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