Thursday, May 12, 2005

Poker: Dylan's

Poker report:
$50 buy-in freeze-out tournament. 9 players. Dylan's house.

This was the tightest game I've played in yet. Almost NO action for the first 5-6 levels. Everyone was folding to the blinds or a small raise would fold the table. BOOOOORRRIIINNNGGG!

Then, I lost half my stack with 7's to my opponent's AJ pre-flop. Then redeemed myself when I doubled up with pocket rockets. I was back in it. I stole a bunch of hands later until it was 4 handed. On the bubble, I caught pocket 4s. Flop came 4-6-3... I slowplay check. He checked. Turn came, 10. He bets out. I go all in. He instantly calls with a turn card flush. I go out a loser on the bubble.

Steaming, I proceed to lose another $20 in a side no-limit cash game.
A player to my right goes all in. I have AJd (ace-jack of diamonds) and go all-in. The player behind me goes all-in. Right, A9o... Left, pocket tens,... Me AJ diamonds. The flop misses me entirely and I lose another $20.


I am the worst loser.

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