Monday, June 27, 2005

Party college style

We went to a friend's friend's house for a party Saturday. It was essentially a college party.
It was interesting because since college I've gone to very few "college-style" parties. Nowadays our "parties" usually will be attended by at least a couple married couples, probably a couple babies, a bunch of wine, possibly a board game some good food, and some quality beers. I guess we're starting to act like grown-ups. Kinda.
This party was a real throwback. 3 kegs, a bunch of ragged dope-smoking, acne-faced 18 year-olds, a DJ, hoochie-mamas, crooked baseball caps, red party cups, outdoor urination, and cops at the front door. Ah, just like the ole days.
I had a good time though. We drank our share of their beer, had some very funny conversations with some teenagers eager to be hazed like fraternity pledges.
When cops finally busted the party up, I almost had the urge to jump the fences.

Thinking back on my early college days; we were bad, bad kids.

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