Monday, June 20, 2005


I played some golf with my pops for Father's Day. I haven't played golf in a couple years, literally. I wasn't expecting much from my play. By the time I was at San Jose Municipal Golf Course, I was downright nervous. But though I hadn't whipped out the Big Bertha in years, the minute I stepped up to the tee, I was ready. One relaxed swing and blammo, that ball took off... and made an abrupt right turn. Actually it was a slight right turn. Playable.
I had a decent day. Made a couple pars, several bogeys, many double bogeys, even more triple bogeys, but only lost count of my strokes on only two holes, not bad if you ask me. So in all, I have no idea what my score was. I can tell you I didn't lose a single ball. For me, that's not too shabby.

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