Friday, August 05, 2005

Tourney contender

I played in a $10 buy-in multi-table tournament on Hollywoodpoker last night. After languishing in the small stack for nearly 2 hours, and playing as tight as Pam Anderson's bikini, I finally made my move when the 20th place finisher got knocked out. 19th place pays $22, so I figure screw it, either I finish doubling my money or I go all the way. I pushed all-in twice and since the blinds were so big, it basically doubled me up. Suddenly I was medium stacked and a real contender to finish pretty high in the money. Players were getting knocked out left and right and before I knew it I was at the final table.
Having beat more than 250 players, I was pretty stoked to have made it this far.
The final table was a blur. All I know is it was suddenly down to the final three. I was short stack, and the other two guys were battling out and trading first place. I had AQ, and got him all in after the flop, with an Ace on the board. He flips A-10. Yes. The turns comes blank. River shows a ten, and I'm out. Third place and $260 richer!

All in all I think I played well. Probably a bit too tight in the beginning, but I turned the heat on at the crucial moment, and put myself in the position to be a contender. I have to admit it was a close call there for a while. I was very much out of chips when I started my rush. So I'm patting myself on the back, cashing out $100 and going up a limit. Hopefully the rush can continue.

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