Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I switched over to playing at Essentially, it's the same software that uses, and I believe they even share some of the same tables. The main difference is that doesn't have as low limits. Their lowest limit tables are $.25-.50, where Hollywood's are .15-.30 limits. Also, they have a 1st deposit bonus I'm trying to clear.

Anyway I just made a serious comeback at a shorthanded TURBO tourney. For a while there I was almost out of the game, but somehow managed to stick around til the final two. Heads-up, I took the lead after maybe 5 hands and won in two hands later when my A9 dominated his A8. He was surprised to say the least, because he'd had at least 5 times my chipstack.

I've been making some huge comebacks lately and I feel that playing these small tourneys slow to start and turning on the juice in the later levels in the way to play. Anyone can get unlucky in the later rounds but you have to put yourself in a position to win some damn money.

Good luck to me.

It might be time for me to head out to the casinos soon for some real face-to-face action. This online bullshit is getting on my nerves.

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