Monday, August 29, 2005

bad bad playing

I played some poker this weekend. Surprise, surprise.
Actually it was a surprise because I played exceptionally SHITTY.
Nearly every session was a losing one, despite going into each game with a tremendous amount of confidence.
Saturday, we played short-handed tournaments. At first I dominated the game. Then lost a massive pot when my AQ was dominated by AK. From there it was all downhill. The second game, I came in second (not in the money.) BAH!
Sunday, everyone got sucked out on by Aaron. With two people all in (me included) he decided to call with his flush draw. I had 2 pair, and Luke had top pair. Of course the river brought a spade giving Aaron the winning suck. He sucked out on ScottO too sending him into a downward spiral of rage and bitterness. His agonizing tirade finally ended when I told him not-so-subtley, "Fucking, Get over it!"
Then miraculously he did, AND he apologized about getting heated up! WOW!

All in all my play, especially Sunday, was horrendous. I am not going to give up poker. Just bad poker.

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