Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Million Dollar Crybaby

I watched Million Dollar Baby finally.
Pretty good flick.
Though they shoulda called it Million Dollar Crybaby, because my GF bawled through the entire second half of the movie. That's an hour and a half of straight niagra falls. I'd give it a "rent-it" rating. The story was good, Swank was awesome, same with Freeman, but Clint's acting is lacking; and most of all, what ruined it for me was the hype. Of course it got hyped with the Oscars, and everyone at the water cooler was talking about it. So by the time I watched it I was expecting Raging Bull (which is on my top ten).
All in all it was very depressing. I felt like shit after watching it. Sort of like, no matter how well I do in life, someone could cold-cock me while my back is turned and I might snap my neck and be stuck in a goddamn hospital be with tubes sticking in every orofice.
Then my poor GF will be sitting next to me in the hospital reading me weird Irish Jig songs. Then she'll have to kill me, but instead of adrenaline, she'd have use something cheaper like Drano, because we're so poor.

How miserable.

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