Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Melones Houseboat

The heat would've been unbearable if I wasn't submerged for the majority of the time. With the lifevests wrapped around groin like adult diapers, we floated near the houseboat, bobbing happily in the water, with only our beer and our heads exposed to the sweltering heat. It was all we could do to keep from melting under the 108 degree air.
We had 2 waverunners, 2 ski boats, the houseboat with a hot/cool tub and a seemingly limitless supply of tequila and beer. That and a potato-gun made this weekend excursion an ideal situation to escape the realities of civilization.
This was pure redneck fun. I was loving it. At least it would've been redneck fun except for the hippety-hoppety I was blasting from my iPod.
I made my first attempt at wakeboarding this weekend. At first it seemed as if this sport wasn't for me. My first 4 attempts resulted in a nose full of lake water. On my fifth attempt at getting up I finally was atop the water, skating unsteadily. I crossed the wake and ambitiously pulled myself toward the wake in a ridiculous attempt to catch air. I was greeted by more than a nose full of water this time as my face slapped the water at 20 mph. "One more time," I said as Mike pulled the Ski Centurion around. "Go!" He accelerated and as I began losing my balance I heard a familiar pop as my shoulder was yanked out of its socket. "OK, I'm good, that's it." I called it a day.
Blasting across the water at 50 mph on the waverunner was a blast. We took turns making the glassy waters rough, doing donuts and flooring the throttle. In the wide expanses of the lake, cruising on the waverunners was remarkably liberating.

More beer followed.
Then some Morton's Tri-Tip.

Day Two was more of the same as we traded waverunner for more diaper lounging. The sun was intense and despite constant reapplication of 36 spf, my shoulders were a toasty red, nice sunburn.

As night fell, someone decided it was time to play some poker. What a good idea. Steadily the players knocked each other out one by one... guess who made it to the final two. Yours truly and ScottO. On the first hand of heads-up play, Scott O went all-in with A3o. I instantly called with A4 of spades. The flop brought two spades and the turn brought another making me the New Melones Poker champion.

Houseboating was fun. Do it if you get a chance. And if you happen to own a ski boat, let me know when you are skiing, I could use a chance to redeem myself.

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