Monday, July 11, 2005


This weekend was mostly work.
Saturday I attended an awards banquet in which my newspaper won a second place prize for sports coverage. That's all fine and dandy, but the only thing I contributed to those pages were that I took the pictures for the section. So I drove an hour ($20 in gas), got lost for another 30 minutes, paid $3.25 to get money from the hotel ATM, paid $6 for parking to watch a slide show.
In the photo categories which I entered I won a measly honorable mention for a sports photo I shot. I won nifty "certificate"... Wooop-dee-doo.

Sunday I worked some more.
The Los Altos Arts and Wine festival was going off as per usual, but unlike every other year I've gone, I didn't get to drink a single beer. Photos only. And it was a hot one. Sweltering. Otherwise it was par for the course. Moms, Dads, Gramps... and art, or should I say crafts.
I followed this assignment up with a killer freelance gig. $500 for just over 3 hours of work.
Fundraisers are interesting to work. Because everyone there is rich. At least rich enough to dish out $200 just for a seat to the event. On top of that, theres the silent auction where rich peeps purchase wine for even MORE than they're worth. And then a live auction where they spend a SHITPILE more than the product is worth. But as great as these events are for the blind kids the money will go to help, it really destroys my self-worth. Here's a group of people who are willing to drop $5000 for a case of wine. Is that fucking ridiculous? Or $20,00 for a night on the town...
To those people willing to drop $1000 for a bottle... FUCK YOU.
That bottle will be gone in 20 minutes. With my friends, a bottle would last 3 minutes tops. But $1000 would last me at least a couple days. And $10,000 would last me months, or provide me with a top-of-the-line camera setup which will allow me to make a living for years

OK, fine. I'm jealous. So fucking what?

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