Sunday, December 11, 2005


Last weekend while recovering from the hangover, surfing the channels proved unfruitful. I decided on checking out the first couple episodes of HBO's 'Rome' miniseries" on Comcast ON Demand.
What a treat.
I found myself completely addicted to it. 6 hours later, I was only halfway through the season and itching for more. The next day, I finished watching the final 6 episodes in a marathon session.
What can I say about the series except that it blew my mind. The characters are well developed and dynamic. The sets, intricately detailed, realistic, and alive. The storyline is taut and captivating.
If you've got 12 hours plus a couple hours to watch the worthwhile extras, take advantage of your ON Demand and watch Rome.

Lucious Verenus and Titus Pullo, two of the baddest mother*ckers on the planet.

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