Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cold deck nut barrage

Poker has been very bad to me these last four days. The bastard has taken a damn sledgehammer to my nuts repeatedley and I can't take it anymore.

I've been typing, "Suck it" or "Nice suck" when the fish at Pokerroom.com suck out on me. And I've been typing that a lot.
("Sucking Out" is a term used to describe when a player draws a better hand than yours, when you had the best hand to begin with.)
Fish always suck.

Anyway, I have cashed out of Pokerroom.com for the time being. I'll be depositing to FullContactPoker.com soon. Hopefully to reap the generous bonus FullContactPoker.com charter members get.

Anyway I look at it, maybe my strategery needs reevaluation, I have to change my game in some way to get back on my game and win some money. I've battled through losing streaks in the past, and I intend to make a comeback.

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