Sunday, December 11, 2005

From my cold dead hands

I'm really stoked right now.
I just got back from Kerley's.
That's right.
In ten days I will officially be a registered gun owner.

identical to this gun

It is a matter of pride for me to own a gun. I've always appreciated our right to own firearms. As a kid, my dad took me shooting handguns. He had a stailess steel .357 Smith and Wesson revolver. After target shooting, we'd sit around the table together and clean it. The smell of solvent and gun oil still brings back fond memories.

My most memorable christmas gift ever was a toy gun.
My dad had gotten home late from work Christmas night when I was 6-7 y/o. I remember it being dark in our house, only the light from the christmas tree illuminated his face as he handed me my christmas gift. It was a police revolver cap gun, with a fake black silencer. I loved it.

As a matter of fact, I still have it somewhere.

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