Friday, December 02, 2005

Card Dead

I went completely card dead last night during my home poker game. I tried to make a few moves here and there, but my opponents kept me honest with huge re-raises. Furthermore, anytime I actually caught a hand, I either got zero action, or was outflopped.
I can't say I played poorly, but I just couldn't put a hand together to save my life.

Mel ended up winning both games last night. She's been killin' it at our home game finishing consistently in the money almost every time I've played with her. She is significantly more studied than most of our opponents and knows the numbers better than most of our players. Not only that, but as a female, she is often underestimated, which giver her a huge advantage. The guys tend to soft play her, call more than raise her.
So, she's taken 3 in a row at my house.

I'm positive I have a bead on her though. If I could only win a couple races, and get some halfway decent cards, I'll take her down.

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