Friday, September 15, 2006

Cars in the shop, Pop moves outta the country

The last few weeks have been a royal pain in the ass.
Amy's car got hit on the street outside our house. Luckily for us, the guy who hit us was cool enough to let us know. He gave up his personal information and requested we give him the opportunity to pay it before we go to insurance. So a day or two later, we took the car to the body shop. The guy (our neighbor's friend) took his credit card down there and paid the estimate on the spot. That was nice, but that left us without a car. Fortunately we had outs,... Amy's pop has an extra vehicle which he let us use.
A week later, my car blows a radiator hose and delivers my car to the shop via tow truck. So now BOTH our vehicles are in the shop. I lose a day and half of work. Again, luckily for us we have outs. My dad is moving out of the country and doesn't need HIS car. So he lets us borrow it. In exchange, I help him move. That sucks balls, but I get to walk away with a bunch of shit he was going to give away or sell. He hooks us up with a bunch of paintings, some home furnishings, a new Imac flat screen, some asian style decorations, a ladder, tools, a couple firearms, and a bunch of other shit not worth mentioning. Then he volunteers $500 to help pay for our car's ailments. He totally saved our broke asses.
Finally things are finally getting a little bit better. Her student loans finally came in, so we can pay the rent and bills. But now we are broke as jokes once again.
I am shooting a wedding this weekend. My second wedding ever. So that'll put a couple more bucks on the table.
With the money as tight as ever, I will be stoked to get a couple more freelance gigs to supplement my unsubstantial annual salary. At least until my woman finishes nursing school and gets a full-time job, we'll be suffering a little.

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