Thursday, September 21, 2006

Barrhill Way

On our way home from Folsom last weekend, we decided to make a stop in Fair Oaks California to see my old house on Barhill Way. This suburb of Sacramento is about 15-20 miles east of downtown Sac.
At one 'for-sale' home on Barhill Way, we stopped to grab a real estate flyer. I said to her, "We shouldn't even bother. It's probably $1.2 million."
To my surprise, this 4BR 3.5BA 2,500 square-foot home with pool, patio, marble bathroom, newly remodeled, new appliances, new AC was a measly $625,000.
Compared to what we could buy in the bay area, this home was a steal.
Not that we could afford this house, but we could afford something close. One look at the price, and the neighborhood, Amy fell in love.

So now we are seriously considering moving out here. Maybe not right away. But at some point we will definitely consider a move, and Fair Oaks might be just the spot.

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