Friday, September 30, 2005

Poker Analyst

I have decided to start tracking my live poker play using's Poker Analyst. I sort of stopped tracking my progress using the spreadsheet I had, mainly because I couldn't access it from work. With PokerAnalyst I'm able to log in all the action from anywhere, and it'll let me see pretty charts and graphs easily.

This morning I logged a win from last night's spread limit action at Jeff Nielson's place. $.25-3 spread limit, hold 'em cash-game (not tournament style). I played very slow, mostly due to shitty hands. One hand I held Q-To, Jeff calls my pre-flop raise, Andy calls. Flop gives me a Q. I raise, he calls again, Andy folds. Then an ace hits the board, he raises, I call, a bit scared that he has an ace, but the pots so large, I couldn't my queens go. The next card is a blank, we both check. He flips over pocket 9s.... I win with my queens. Weird, weird, weird. All I can say is, "Live fish heuh!"

I'm pretty sure I left there as the big winner. But the action has only made me hungrier. What sucks is that my attempts at getting a game started at my house is like pulling fucking teeth. ScottO is "taking a break from poker," because he's been losing his ass at every fucking game. I think he's been playing too tight. The Bootie actually has a life, so he's never able to play. Chestnut is totally whipped and his schedule is controlled by his woman. Luke is working many many hours and is also as pussy whipped as can be. The Marinuccis have whippersnappers running around. Rauser sucks and knows it. Pate works evenings and hasn't won in a while. I hate to say it, but I think my friends are scared to play against me. At this rate I'll get no action from my friends at all.

I am going to make an effort to play at other people's home games more often. I don't lose money on a rake, the opponents are softer than the casinos and internet, and I feel I can take advantage of my ability to read people. With Dylan winning a seat into the $10,000 buy-in US Poker Championship in Atlantic City, and with Paul Esfandiari doing so well in the WPT Aruba, I feel like I might be able to compete on a higher level. All I need is a bigger bankroll.
But, before I get too far ahead of myself, I suppose paying the rent on time will have to be the first challenge I will need to meet.

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