Monday, September 12, 2005

Aces no-good, Biloxi

Pate threw a poker night at his pad. $40 buy-in.
It was a short one for me. Two early flush suckouts led me to be short stacked when this happened (warning: bad beat story): I am in late position with Pocket Rockets (AA). An early player raises all-in. Air Force Eric in middle position raises all-in. Everyone else folds to me. "All-in" I call as I flip over my dominating hand. Early bettor flips over a pair of Jacks, Air FOrce Eric flips over pocket Kings.
Well, flop comes with a King and I get knocked out to the oooos and ahhhs of my fellow players. Oh well. A bad beat is better than a bad play.

Air Force Eric just got back from Qatar. Normally he should be in Biloxi, Mississippi. But since it was destroyed in the hurricane, he won't be able to go back for at least a couple months. So in the meantime, it's poker and malt whiskey for that kid. So as bad as it is in New Orleans, let's try and remember the unfortunate people in the neighboring areas which are also affected by the terror of Bin Laden's weather manipulation machine which he's had running in overdrive from his Pakistani underground complex.

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