Monday, September 26, 2005

Butz Karai

Butz Karai
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I went to watch a beach volleyball tournament at Santa Cruz this past weekend. My GF and Butz teamed up to compete in the beginner level all-day tournament.
It was a very,... sober event. Meaning, I was sober. Sort of. I guess I wasn't totally sober. More a residual inebriation. But, mostly sober.
After many many hours of volleyball. They finally finished in third or fourth place. Pretty damn good considering they've never played together before.

For they're valiant play under the coastal sun, they won a whopping $0, many lactic acid engourged muscles and a possible separated shoulder.
Butz called me this morning to ask if a clicking sound in his shoulder is normal.

It looked fun, but I think I'll stick to poker for now. At least until I get into some resemblance of "shape." At least a shape other than "fat." Even though poker tends to lead to the "fat" look.

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