Friday, December 15, 2006

I've discovered my optimal strategy to be a good poker player.
You have to employ a loose tight-passive aggressive game.
In other words, you have to be able to play every way.
At some moments playing loose and fast is crucial. While it is also to play tight and passive at times.
The key is knowing when to and initiating a plan of action at the right time. Based on your read of an opponent, the pace of the game and your position, you should create a strategy. Then more importantly, when the time arises, you should be able to "change gears" or in other words change strategies to maximize profits while minimizing losses. Which is the essence of being a overall winning player.
This all seems pretty elementary, but often I see players keep with their style. Often tight players stay tight. They only play good cards regardless of position, or opponents. Or worse, loose players stay loose despite having shit cards, and staying loose when they miss their flops completely.
With all this being said, it is usually the least experienced players who make these mistakes most often. They have no concept of pot odds, so pot sized bets rarely push them out of drawing hands. They also make ridiculous overbets which pretty much effectively push me out of hands when I should be staying in.
Obviously this could mean that they are just more saavy players than I think.
But more likely it's as Sammy Farha said at the 2004 WSOP when he took 2nd place to Chris Moneymaker.
"I can outplay a good player. But with a bad player, I have to have a hand."
And last night. I just couldn't pick up a decent hand.

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