Tuesday, July 25, 2006


This past week has been the hottest ever. I think there were 5 consecutive 100+ degree days. Of course my house is AC-less. So sweating it out was mandatory.
To top it off, we celebrated Chizzl's birthday at his house,... where? In Livermore, Where it was a solid 118 degrees. That's right 118 degrees.
He did have one window AC unit which helped a bit, but we were still sweltering.
It was necessary for us to employ the ghetto method of staying cool. Ice Packs.
Ice packs on the neck, on the head, on the arms, and on the balls. It all helped.
Sunday, we went to the GF's dad's house where they finished installing a new pool this year. At 86 degrees, we literally remained submerged for 4 hours. I wondered why we did anything BUT stay in the pool. It was a life saver.
Finally, today it's only 90-ish. Which after last week feels positively cool.

I've also been considering getting the tattoo I've always wanted. It's really quite a commitment, so, in deciding what I want for a tattoo, the most important criteria is that it is top-notch. The design, the application thereof needs to be flawless. Which means I'll need to hire someone who is a master of their art. I've also decided against designing the tattoo myself. These guys are masters of their crafts and their tools. It takes specific skills to apply tattoo ink just right. So that it doesn't fade prematurely, be too dark, illegible or otherwise be jacked up.

So far I know I want my last name in chinese. That's given. I'm seriously entertaining the idea of having a complete shoulder piece done. Maybe a dragon, though dragons are pretty played out, but still very cool looking. Maybe chinese painting in the style of my grandfather. That'd be super cool, only I don't know how well it'd translate to tattoo.
Regardless, I'm pretty sure I want to wait, save up the proper amount of money, and have a real piece of art done on me.

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