Saturday, January 07, 2006

Taking out the new toy

I picked up my shotgun this week from Kerley's Sport Shop. That was the longest ten day waiting period ever. At last, I wield my first firearm.
Immediately I ran home and dismantled the thing. I figure we should sit down a while and get to know each other. Remingtion's website is infinitely useful. It has every piece of information you'd need to know about the Remington guns.
I cleaned it up, put it back together and waved it around for an hour dry-firing it at imaginary targets. It felt good to be excited about something. I'm such a child, I know.

ScottO and I took it out to Santa Clara County Field Sports Park (Metcalf) in South San Jose. They have night trap and skeet shooting there. My first round of trap EVER, I shot 20 out of 25. The gun was a very good fit and fired 100%. On the next round I shot 19. I was pleased.
ScottO didn't do so hot. He hit 6 on his first and 9 on his second 25 targets. The gun also failed to eject several rounds for him. He could easily blame the gun though. He's 8 inches shorter than me, so clearly the shotgun was an ill fit for him.

My experience was very positive. While the staff at Metcalf was very curt on the phone, the puller was a cool dude. He was helpful to us newbies and didn't make us feel like total idiots. Plus, the night shooting is just cool.

I'm planning on shooting a couple more rounds Sunday at Coyote Clays.


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