Sunday, January 22, 2006


Last night, Poker tourney, 11 handed, 2 shorthanded tables. JoeO's buddy's pad. $20 buy-in.
It was a sloppy set up: two rickety table tops, paper cards, miss matched chips.
I played super-tight early on, and finally started hitting cards at the table merge.
SamD hit his Ace on the flop versus my cowboys, to double up, crippling me. Somehow I managed to stay alive to the final 3 where I was basically blinded out. SamD dominated the rest of the game to win it winning $120. I took home $40 for my efforts.
It's a bitter pill, Sam winning it. The other day we played heads-up online and he ended up beating me two games in a row, despite the fact that I was dominating him the entire match. A couple lucky coin flips allowed him to defeat me in the end.
I realize there is a huge hole in my game if I can completely dominate someone, and end up still losing.
"You gotta think Joe, maybe you're being too aggressive," Sam says.
FU you bastard. FU.

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