Monday, December 01, 2008


Again,... no posts for a while.
Just lazy I guess.
Much has happened since my last post.

We're pregnant! Well, my wife is. We're super stoked. Since there is no word to describe how stoked I actually am, "super" will do.
Yes we don't mess around. She's got the newlywed playbook and we're running it step-by-step. Wedding? Check. Honeymoon? Check. Pregnant? Check. Baby? WIP. Motorcycle? Not even visible on the list anymore. No Check.

We elected Barack Obama to the office of the most powerful person in the Universe-universe-universe.
I believe it reaffirms hope in America. We can be a progressive forward-leaning people. America is a melting pot. Obama is living proof. Be proud of diversity. Diversity keeps Americans thinking broadly; to use an overused cliché, "out-of-the-box." It's the ticket.
Look forward to Obama's inauguration day! Or "Good Riddance Day" as it is otherwise known.

Other hobbies: Still playing poker. Not as much though. I think most the the players who were losing money, gradually quit playing. Eventually, the guys who were just in it to be social, they quit showing up, because essentially they were just tossing their money in the pot, for us to grab. Other guys in my poker circle refuse to play with some other dudes, so getting a full table together is near impossible. Social politics is a bitch.
Anyhow, I still play online, though at the baby stakes. And I try and get in any live game I can, when time allows. Overall I'm still a winning player. However lately, only barely above break-even.
Tip to self: go back to basics.

Still shooting as much as possible. My cousin Evan started shooting with me, so we try and go out every chance we get, as budget allows. My shotguns skills are still pretty strong. I'm averaging 22-23ish in trap (out of 25) and maybe 19-21 in skeet. I'm sure a bit more practice would help. But again... budget allowing.
My target shooting is also improving. My groups with the 10/22 rifle are decent. My skills with the .45 are very good. At least they are with stationary targets. Decently tight groups. Problem is, it's so fun to shoot, but ammo costs are exorbitant.
Heads-up: Walmart's prices on ammo is unbeatable. If anyone finds 12 gauge, 9mm or .45ACP cheaper than Walmart (after tax and shipping) please let me know. I'd love to give someone other than the Walton's my hard earned cashish.

I miss the hell out of my dog Otis. Lately we've been talking about getting another one. But with a bun in the oven, either it's a good idea, to get a dog, break-it-in in time for the baby; or get the baby first, break-IT-in and then get the dog.
Not sure yet.
Problem for me is, I want Odog. Not some random dog. I think my heart is just still broken. Yeah, it may take some time.

We bought a sick-ass hugmongous sofa. Sofa Outlet did a great job. We are totally satisfied with our monstrous, wonderful, 3 piece sectional.

Be back soon.

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