Monday, November 06, 2006

Poker Saturday

I killed it at poker day this weekend.
We started off with a spread limit ($.25-$3) cash game. JoeO, SamD, JohnN, Chestnut and I battled it out for several hours. At the end I finished up around $40.
We then decided to play a couple $20 sit-n-goes. Amy joined us and then for the second one, RobG showed up to play one.. I won both games with SamD and RobG coming in second respectively!
We also dusted off three eighteen packs and a twelver of beers while we played. Between 5 guys... that's quite a bit of brew.
The next day I played a 532 player $10-buy-in multi-table on Full Contact Poker. After fighting though the fish for several hours, I was finally knocked out in 10th place. My $66 win was just so damn unsatisfactory. Considering it's the first multi-table online tournament cash in months, I should be happy. But playing 4 hours for a measly $50 profit sucks balls. But at least my confidence is back and hopefully some positive EV.
My only concern is that after having won all the games that afternoon, my players may not be so stoked to come over for poker night again... I guess that's the tradeoff for kicking so much ass.

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